Become a volunteer

Get Involved! Become a Volunteer 

The Co-op has room for all kinds of talents!  Goodside Grocery & Food Co-op of Sheboygan needs everyone to take an active role to help us grow. 
Volunteers get access to special events & benefits: attendance to classes & workshops, a 20% discount on grocery purchases, and they demonstrate how to play a strong & active role in our community's development.  We have plenty of volunteer opportunities available; please ask your friendly Co-op volunteer for your own Volunteer Application today!
The act of giving your time and resources to an organization that is non-heirarchal and not profit-driven is grassroots activism.  A unique characteristic of the structure of a co-op is that it is not only owned by the the community, but also run by itβ€” the co-op thrives off of volunteer involvement. Our volunteer structure allows us to maintain a progressive, community-oriented organization.  In a true coopertive spirit, everyone participates and everyone voices their ideas.

To lend your hand, click HERE to fill out our volunteer form!