Introducing Goodside's Blog

Welcome to a mindful, thought-provoking corner of Sheboygan’s local food movement.

Author: Brandi Bohlman
Editor: Keane Schmidt


Hello, everyone!

We’d like to introduce our new blog, Side Goods, which will serve as a space to discuss all things Goodside. We are excited to highlight various products that align with our values and to discuss the importance of local, ethical, and sustainable food production. We will also feature contributions from our members and volunteers: you will have the opportunity to hear from them about their food journeys and foodways and to read their suggestions for incorporating our products into their culinary adventures.

Although the foodways; or the cultural, social, and economic component of food that influences a person’s diet; might be different amongst our members and volunteers, food comprises an aspect of personal identity and represents something around which community can be built. We hope to celebrate our community’s diverse foodways by highlighting the various ways food can be prepared and enjoyed.

Though we will dive into a more extensive discussion about this in future posts, let’s take a look at why we value locally produced food. After all, you’ll see that phrase often in these posts. In short, when we support local foods, we:

  • Minimize our carbon footprint by decreasing the distance that food has to travel between producer and consumer.

  • Stimulate our local economy by supporting local producers and thereby keeping our dollars within our community.

  • Receive healthier, more nutrient-dense foods because products are harvested closer to their optimal ripeness, where nutrients are bio-accumulated.

We look forward to engaging with our community, and we would love to hear from you about your food journey or the suggestions you may have. If you would like to submit an article, please send entries to with the subject title “Featured Blog Post Entry.”