Member-supported cooperative

Becoming a member

Membership is $35 per person annually.  This will allow you to vote in the co-op's decision-making, and get you 10% off all grocery purchases!  Purchasing a membership means that you are part-owner of the Co-op.  No single person or small group owns the Co-op, it is member-owned and member-run.  This gives everyone equal footing in the decision-making for Goodside, and it also means that each member has the opportunity to play an integral role in helping the Co-op operate and grow!

Memberships include all children under the age of 18 living in your household.  
You can fill out an application online at
That’s it! You will receive your member/owner certificate and card(s) upon receipt of payment.

You can print out the membership application and turn it in on your next trip to Goodside Grocery OR fill one out at the store!