Uncured Smoked Ham in stock–limited quantities!

There is still time to pick up your holiday ham!

We have Golden Bear Farm’s uncured smoked ham in stock. It sells for $8.40/lb and comes in varying weights.
This delicious ham is from 100% organically raised and grassfed Berkshire Pork, grown in nearby Kiel, WI. Stop in soon as quantities are limited! We are open until 7pm tonight.

This ham is uncured, which means it is free from the potentially health damaging chemical preservatives nitrate and nitrite.

To take a look at Golden Bear Farms contented pigs and lush pastures, and to read more about their farm practices visit:


Castle Rock Milk delivered today (and all Fridays!)

Castle Rock milk is delivered today and every Friday, from Osseo, WI! This milk is from organic, grassfed cows and is non-homogenized and glass bottled for the eco and health minded co-opper!

Prices range from $4.00-4.50 per 1/2 gallon, with a refundable $2.00 deposit on the glass bottle, which will be added to the price at purchase.

Why choose glass?
Glass milk bottles are superior to plastic, as glass has no chance of leaching toxic chemicals into your milk the way plastic could. Also, these glass bottles will be reused time and again by Castle Rock. Reusing is a more environmentally sound option than recycling or throwing in the trash.

A side note on homogenization:
As a general rule concerning many food products, the less mechanically processed something is, the better it is for our health, for the environment, etc. Keeping this rule in mind– Homogenized milk is mechanically processed so that its fat molecules (cream) are evenly dispersed throughout the milk. Non-homogenized milk’s cream floats to the surface (hence “cream-top milk”). By choosing non-homogenized milk you are choosing a less processed and closer to natural option.

Visit http://www.castlerockfarms.net/index.php for more information on their practices and stop down at Goodside Grocery today to pick up your fresh milk!

FAQ: Where is the fresh produce in Winter?

Do you miss the days when our veggie cooler was overflowing with beautiful, fresh produce?
Well, the wait is almost over!
Towards the end of April/May, we will begin filling our cooler with fresh, LOCAL produce again.

The reason why we carry scant amounts of fresh produce in the winter is because we have made a commitment to supply LOCAL produce to you. This way, we can guarantee our produce hasn’t been trucked hundreds of miles across the country, while losing nutrients and flavor and using non-renewable natural resources to get it here. By taking advantage of WI’s seasonality, we are able to bring you the freshest, most flavorful produce possible, while supporting local family farms in the process—a win-win.
So, you may not be able to buy fresh tomatoes from us in February, but we promise that the high quality tomato you buy from us once they are in season, will be well worth the wait.
Thank you for your support!


Bulk Cocoa Nib Granola in stock!

Wild Carrot Cuisine’s Cocoa Nib Granola is currently for sale in our bulk section, so feel free stock up or buy a smaller amount to try out. It is $10.00/lb.

This delectable and wholesome granola is made using whole food and organic ingredients and is sure to turn any bowl of yogurt from ordinary into extraordinary. It is made with care in Wild Carrot Cuisine’s kitchen, a local Sheboygan business that is, in their own words, “Dedicated to serving quality products that are naturally grown, local, prepared from scratch, and delivered to you fresh.”


For more information on Wild Carrot Cuisine:  http://www.wildcarrotcuisine.com/home.php

Organic Powdered Sugar in stock!

Organic powdered sugar is now in stock for all of your baking and buttercream frosting needs! It is $2.29 per pound and sold in pre-weighed bags.

A side note: All prices posted are non-member costs. Become a member of Goodside Grocery and receive a 10% discount on your purchases. Become a volunteer and receive an additional 10% discount on purchases. Head on over to http://goodsidegrocery.com/how-to-become-a-member/ to see how you can become a member and/or get involved!


Nordic Creamery Parmesan in Stock!

We are happy to introduce Nordic Creamery Parmesan Cheese to our cooler! An 8oz brick of Parmesan is $4.41. We also carry Nordic Creamery’s seasonal ‘Harvest Butter’ spread for $5.54 each.

Nordic Creamery is a Wisconsin, family owned and operated creamery in Westby, located within the lush green rolling hills of the Driftless Region.  Nordic Creamery’s award-winning cheeses and butters are handcrafted in small batches, certified free of hormones and artificial ingredients, and are produced using only the highest quality milk from pasture based cows raised on small family farms. Head on over to the Co-op to pick up your quality dairy products today!


Eggs Delivered Today!

Farm fresh eggs delivered to Goodside today and every Friday!
The eggs are from organic, pasture-raised hens. Large eggs are $4.73/doz and medium eggs are $3.00/doz.
Stop in and satiate that omelet craving, whilst supporting your local co-op and farmers!