Volunteer Opportunity for the Summer Farm Market

The Co-op is looking for a volunteer to be our Farmer’s Market representative!  This volunteer position has a flexible time commitment, and is a fun way to be a part of both Goodside Grocery and the summer Farmer’s Market.  Duties would include: presenting information on the Co-op to market-goers, promoting specials and discounts for the week, directing people towards our storefront.  Interested parties can contact us at goodsidegrocery@gmail.com.  

First Summer Farmers Market, Saturday June 7

Remember to attend the first Outdoor Farmer’s Market this Saturday, 7am-2pm at Fountain Park!

Be sure to walk ONE BLOCK north to the Co-op to supplement your great market finds.  
A reminder that we will be carrying products from Golden Bear, Jeff-Leen, and Wild Carrot Cuisine, as well as many other local products!


Join us for two great events this week!

We have two fabulous events taking place this week!
 A potluck and a workshop. Both are free and open to all ages!

*Open Kitchen Potluck* 
Wed, June 4
Paradigm Annex

*Character Workshop*
Thurs, June 5
Paradigm Annex

 **Check out the poster for further details.

We hope you can make it!



We have a nice supply of Milo’s eggs right now! Your choice between Grade A Large ($4.95) or Grade A Medium ($3.75).

Here is a new technique for peeling farm-fresh eggs. A recipe follows the tutorial. Enjoy!



Chevre Goat Cheese in stock

Caprine Supreme, spreadable Chevre-style goat-cheese is current available for $3.87 per 4oz package.
Caprine Supreme is located near Black Creek,  WI. Caprine’s goat milk products are  known for their fresh taste, and are said to not have a billy-goat aftertaste. Yay!
Pick up a package and try for yourself!

Check out this article for more information


Bon appetit!