*MUSHROOMS* are delivered on *THURSDAYS*!
Here is a simple home recipe that is endlessly customizable and sure to please vegetarians and carnivores alike!

★Italian-Style Portabella “Steaks”★

•Any number of large portabella mushrooms, cleaned and stem mostly removed
•Oil for sauteeing (olive oil, ghee and butter work well)
•Salt, pepper, seasoning salt or any other desired spices (Herbamare is excellent)
•Mozzarella or swiss cheese, sliced thin, enough to cover mushrooms
•Favorite pasta sauce (try some of our great selection of sauces at Goodside!)

Heat oil over medium heat and add mushrooms gill side down. Sautee for a few minutes.
Flip mushrooms gill side up and season with salt, pepper and spices (if desired) Sautee for a few more minutes until tender.
Turn off heat and top mushrooms with cheese. Allow cheese to melt.
Serve mushrooms with pasta sauce (warm sauce beforehand if desired)

Enjoy your new favorite Fast Food!!


Hello, Goodsiders!

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Goodsiders! We are at 23% of our fundraising goal in just 3 days!! Sheboyganites, you are awesome, this is why we love you ‪#‎sheboyganpride‬  Let’s keep it rolling so we can have an AWESOME local food hub in our community via a bigger, better, more beautiful Goodside Grocery!
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“We’re Moving!” Fundraiser

We recently distributed a survey to our community in regards to a potential relocation of Goodside Grocery.  In light of the recent survey, we’re excited to announce that the Co-op is moving forward with plans for relocation! We are in negotiations for the space at 1131 N. 8th Street (the old vacuum cleaner shop located across the street from our current location). We couldn’t be more excited for this move! It will offer a space in the very same neighborhood that we know & love, but will have much more visibility, and allow us to expand and grow!

One of the most poignant results of the data collected by the survey showed that you are looking for more product for purchase in the store. With our new storefront, we can offer the space for increased inventory! We are excited to be able to work with a wider variety of Wisconsin producers to offer you a phenomenal selection of the best quality products our region has to offer.

In order to help Goodside grow, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo! We couldn’t have made it this far without all of you, and we are calling on your support to push ourselves even farther, and become even better. We’re thrilled to start this new chapter of the co-op.

Here’s a link to the campaign, which will run through December 31st; check it out and please pass it on!

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