Gluten Free Goodness

Do you lead a gluten-free lifestyle, for health reasons or otherwise? If so, or if you are interested in experimenting with different gluten free foods for the first time, make Goodside your headquarters for gluten free grocery!
From baking mixes to pastas, we make leading a gluten-free life easy! Stop on in and check out our great selection!
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Beautiful Produce Delivered Today!

We have a fresh delivery of produce from Springdale Farm (Plymouth, WI)
Stop in to the co-op tomorrow between 10am-7pm to get your hands on some beautiful tomatoes, peppers, red onions, yellow onions, white onions, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini and more!

Here is a great recipe for Ratatouille you can use some of our veggies in :


We have more JUST COFFEE in stock! Try this excellent cold brew flavor… a perfect drink to begin your summer days with.

“Rich with a malty flavor and hints of milk chocolate this blend is specifically designed for cold brewing.

Follow this recipe for best results.→

 What you’ll need:
●A large container for the water and coffee grounds
●Filtered water(not distilled, not tap water)
●A large fine-mesh strainer. We recommend a chinois style strainer
●A 12oz bag of Just Coffee Cold Brew Blend

Stir 7.5 cups filtered water into one 12-ounce of coarsely ground coffee, making sure that the grounds are evenly saturated, then refrigerate for 12 hours. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer & refrigerate until completely chilled. Mix with chilled, filtered water or milk according to your taste preferences. It’s good, kept refrigerated, for about 2 weeks. This will produce roughly 55oz of cold brew concentrate.”


Quoted text is from justcoffeecoop’s website.


Don’t Miss this Fantastic Workshop on Food Prep, Cooking and Preserving!

Don't Miss this Great Workshop on Cooking!

Don’t Miss this Great Workshop on Cooking!

Don’t miss this exciting workshop coming up in the next two weeks!

Learn new techniques for cooking and preserving summers bountiful fresh produce. The instructors will share recipes with us, including, but not limited to…

-Out of this world pestos
-Summer Pizza with a potato crust
-Salads and vinaigrettes
-Preserved lemons
-Fruit preservation without canning

Participants will interact in part of the workshop and help prepare a salad, entrée, and dessert.

It is only $20 to register for the workshop. It will be held Monday, August 18th at Bookworm Gardens, from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

To sign up, email
Sign up soon because space is limited! It is going to be a fantastic time!