Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 30th Event!


Thursday, October 30th at 7 pm, we’ll be  screening “Connected By Coffee” in the Paradigm Annex.
Four Corners of the World, a fair trade shop from Milwaukee, will be co-hosting this event with us.
The doors will open at 6 pm and Four Corners will have some of their merchandise there for sale. “Connected By Coffee” features Just Coffee, which we carry in the store! 

Here is a link to the website for the movie as well as a link to Four Corners of the World’s store page:


Call for Volunteers! Open shifts

We are looking for volunteers at Goodside!  20% discount on ALL groceries for 3 hours/week!!
We currently have open: 
Tuesday mid-shift, 12:45-4
Wednesday closing shift, 3:45-7
and Saturday ALL three shifts: 9:45-1, 12:45-4, 3:45-7

This is a great way to get involved in your community, and support healthy, local food & economy! 
Please feel free to fill out a volunteer application in-store or online at

Fruit at the Co-op

Stop in tomorrow and check out the great fruits we have! We have the last of this years peaches and few varieties of low spray apples! We are open 10-7 all weekend.


IPM (integrated pest management= growing practice)
MacIntosh, Wolf River, Honey Crisp varieties
From Evergreen Ranch, Cleveland




Were we out if milk, cheese, or meat the last time you stopped in? Well, no more!

Were we out of milk, yogurt, or meat the last time you stopped in?  Well, no more! 
Due to increased traffic in the store (hooray!!), we have upped our orders for these items.  We will be monitoring our supply over the next few weeks to make sure we are getting it right, so we can provide you with the best quality items in town!
Just a reminder:  Sassy Cow milk is delivered on Thursdays, Castle Rock Non-Homogonized Milk is delivered on Fridays, and Meat will now be delivered on Fridays, too.
Happy Eating!


Bulk Tomatoes!

It’s Tomato Time Again!!
This may be the last pull of tomatoes, so get them while you can!
Goodside is selling bulk quantities of tomatoes at a low price for canning & freezing. These are organically grown tomatoes from our friends at Garden of Weedin’ in Elkhart Lake.

We have available:
-Paste (san marzano & amish mix)
-Heirloom 2nds
ALL Tomato Varieties are only $15 for a 10lb box!! Amazing!

Orders must be placed by Tuesday (tomorrow) evening for a Wednesday delivery. No additional discounts will be taken off this special order price. Please email with any orders!