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Hey, Goodsiders!
Check out this cool write-up on some of Sheboygan’s favorites: Goodside Grocery, Paradigm Coffe & Music, and Field to Fork!

Thanks, Tiffany Hunt! :)

Edible Milwaukee: Milwaukee’s Best Breakfast Restaurants
There are some amazing breakfast restaurants around Milwaukee featuring locally-sourced ingredients. They’re definitely worth the early wake-up.

Almost There!

Hey, Goodsiders! Our campaign is in the last 2 days!! Friday at midnight marks the end. We have only $1,639 to go! If you are considering contributing to the campaign, NOW is the time!! We are so close, we can do this!#sheboyganpride
Check out our Indiegogo site here to make your contribution!

Also, we are in the Sheboygan Press today!  Check out our article here:


We have some beautiful pullet eggs available for purchase right now, only $2.70/dozen!
Pullet eggs come from a pullet (young hen). These eggs are the first few eggs she lays. They are a tad smaller than the chickens eggs you most often see, but flavor and composition are the the same.
These eggs come from a Amish family farmer, Norman Miller & Family, out of Pardeeville, WI.
Stop on in and stock up on these little cuties!


Dried Legumes for Your Winter Soups and Stews!

Cooking with dried legumes is a healthy way to add fiber and protein to your diet. Steamy bean soups and stews can offer some comfort in the coldest winter months, plus they are easy on the budget! These organic yellow split peas are only $1.33/lb–you can’t go wrong with that price!
Here is a tasty vegetatian split pea recipe from Whole Foods. If you prefer a more traditional split pea soup, check out our meat freezer for Golden Bear Farm ham!


Volunteer With Goodside Grocery!

What does it mean to volunteer?

Goodside Grocery is run exclusively on volunteer power. Volunteering for 3hrs per week gets you a 20% discount on purchases and, perhaps more importantly, helps make the Sheboygan community stronger and more vibrant. To lend your hand, click HERE to fill out our volunteer form!

We currently have these shifts open, though we will gladly take willing hands during ANY shift:

Wednesday 1pm-4pm, Thursday 10am-1pm, and Saturday 1pm-4pm

Thank you for considering to help Gooside Grocery in its’ effort to create a strong, vibrant community!


*MUSHROOMS* are delivered on *THURSDAYS*!
Here is a simple home recipe that is endlessly customizable and sure to please vegetarians and carnivores alike!

★Italian-Style Portabella “Steaks”★

•Any number of large portabella mushrooms, cleaned and stem mostly removed
•Oil for sauteeing (olive oil, ghee and butter work well)
•Salt, pepper, seasoning salt or any other desired spices (Herbamare is excellent)
•Mozzarella or swiss cheese, sliced thin, enough to cover mushrooms
•Favorite pasta sauce (try some of our great selection of sauces at Goodside!)

Heat oil over medium heat and add mushrooms gill side down. Sautee for a few minutes.
Flip mushrooms gill side up and season with salt, pepper and spices (if desired) Sautee for a few more minutes until tender.
Turn off heat and top mushrooms with cheese. Allow cheese to melt.
Serve mushrooms with pasta sauce (warm sauce beforehand if desired)

Enjoy your new favorite Fast Food!!